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Dear Friends of Zenkei,

Photo: Alison Bank
Photo: Alison Bank

It has been truly moving to see the outpouring of messages of support for Blanche, along with the vast collection of photos and memories accumulated here from you—Blanche’s community of family members, students and friends.

Soon we will invite you to use a new Facebook group that we will create to continue adding and sharing your personal photos and stories about Blanche with the sangha. Going forward, the Boundless Life blog will be used mainly as a forum for regular updates about Blanche’s health and well-being from San Francisco Zen Center and from others who are caring for her. We hope these two options will help keep the community informed, and also give us a specific forum to share updates about Blanche.

All the postings and photos already contributed on this blog will continue to be accessible. We are grateful to Daigan Gaither and Shosan Victoria Austin for mediating this blog. The posts attest to the great radiating warmth of the sangha towards Blanche.

For any other questions related to this blog, please write to communications(at)

San Francisco Zen Center



Helpful Information

Hi again, My name is Daigan Gaither and I am grateful to be your friendly “news guy”.

I am happy to post whatever photos and/or stories you like.  I will do so as timely as possible.  Some things to consider:

  • I will copy and paste whatever text you send me.  It will be marked as a quote with your name in the title of the post.
  • If you notice a factual error let me know and I will try to correct it.
  • Photos should be .jpg format and whatever you call the photo will become it’s caption unless you tell me otherwise.
  • Other info (or stories) an be included after or before the photo if you let me know.
  • All images are the creative property of those who sent them in.  Please do not use them anywhere for any reason without contacting the owner of the photo.

Sidenote: All images are “thumbnailed” to fit on the page.. but if you click the thumbnail you can see them full size.

So please send me your stories or photos or both to the email on the right. ——->


Deep Bows
Great Gratitude
Daigan Gaither


Hello and Welcome


Blanche and Daigan
Daigan and Blanche sometime in 2010 taken by Dana Velden

Let me welcome you to this space dedicated to our friend and teacher, Zenkei Blanche Hartman.  I am Daigan Gaither, a friend of Blanche’s and her family, a resident priest at Zen Center and I am very grateful to get to serve Blanche in this way.  Both  Shosan Victoria Austin and I are responsible for the news you see here.  We will be posting updates as things change, as well as photos, and stories that you have already sent or will send. (Please do send photos and stories, etc.)

You can also leave comments here and I will share those with Blanche.  She continues to read your cards and emails and expresses her deepest gratitude for the love and support.

You can continue to send emails to me and or cards to:

Blanche Hartman
300 Page St
San Francisco, CA 94102