Book Excerpt Published in Tricycle Magazine

BoundlessLife_cov_r1-1_600This is our work. Just to be here, ready to meet whatever is next without expectation or prejudice or preconceptions. Just ‘What is it? What is this, I wonder?’

So please, cultivate your beginner’s mind. Be willing not to be an expert. Be willing not to know. Not knowing is nearest. Not knowing is most intimate.

—Zenkei Blanche Hartman, Seeds for a Boundless Life

Yesterday, Tricycle magazine published a longer, article-length excerpt from Zenkei’s new book online: read full excerpt.

The recently released Seeds for a Boundless Life is now available at the Zen Center bookstores, or can be ordered online (visit Shambhala Publications).

Media Updates

Updated Lion’s Roar Article.

Lion’s Roar has done a big update to their article on Blanche.. Check it out.


From David Chadwick

David Chadwick sends us this interview from 1995 of Blanche and Lou.  (From


Lion’s Roar Article

Hello Everyone,

Lion’s Roar has written an article including the latest update from me about Zenkei’s condition you can find it HERE.