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Daigan Gaither

PHOTO: Zenkei Sees Her Book

Today I had the privilege of taking the first two copies of Zenkei’s soon to be released book to her.  As you can see from the photos she was thrilled.  Thank you to Zenju Earthlyn Manuel for putting such effort into making sure Blanche could touch and see her book.  You can pre-order your copies through the Zen Center Bookstore at

Zenkei sees the book for the first time.

Zenkei sees the book for the first time.

Happy Zenkei

Happy Zenkei

While going through cards

Zenkei Sewing

Zenkei Sewing

While going through the cards and emails today, Blanche hands me one and says, “If anyone asks for a short word on what I tried to do in my practice, this is it.”  She then asked me to put the card up on her wall.

It said:

Our practice is to live our daily life in such a way that every moment, ever act, becomes an act of love.  ~~ Thich Nhat Hanh

[Zenkei added: “Or loving-kindness”]

Update 6/19/15

Hello Friends,

Yesterday,  I shared the entire list of folks wanting to see Blanche with her, she expressed how grateful she feels for all of the love and support. She is also saddened that she can’t muster the strength to visit with everyone who would like to visit. Blanche continues to ask for folks to please understand that even though you are all very precious she just can’t see people at this time.

I Bring all cards, emails and comments here to Blanche everyday.  She is so thankful for all of the love and appreciation you direct towards her.  Please do continue to reach out in this way.

Blanche continues to be extremely low energetically,  but quite conscious and  her family, and Zen Center continue to work to support her choices and decisions.  There is nothing new to report, but we all also wanted to express our gratitude for your support during this time.

Deep Bows
Great Gratitude

From Zenju Earthlyn Manuel


Zenkei and Zenju

Zenkei and Zenju

In September 2013, it was suggested that I take on the project of editing a book for Zenkei Blanche Hartman. I was both honored and overwhelmed. How would we work together given she was mostly healing from her first fall at the time? Would I choose the correct talks? Would her other students who knew her much longer feel slighted by this effort? How was I going to complete my own book in the making? Then, I remembered one of Suzuki Roshi’s teachings– just say yes. So, I did.

Upon listening to Zenkei’s talk I was eased and all the questions in my head fell away. I was able to enter into her voice and her heart. I would sit down with tea and a pen at my kitchen table. I would imagine Zenkei sitting next to me listening to herself, seeing if she were articulating exactly what she wanted to say. Sometimes I would talk back, which indicated a talk that would encourage reflection and inquiry. Many times I cried in the middle of her talks because it was just what I needed to hear at the time. I began to see exactly how she infused her teachings without a lot of words. Funny, we would be collaborating on a book filled with words. In short, as the baby of her heirs having been given permission for dharma transmission this year, it was a profound project. Recently, at the end of a private ceremony between us I bowed deeply and long. It was not so much about dharma transmission as I felt to be honoring her life, her teachings, and expressing my deep gratitude for her seeing me and for her fearless embrace.

During my training as Shuso (head student) at San Francisco Zen Center, Zenkei was showing me how to offer incense in the Buddha Hall. I watched Zenkei closely as she walked up to the Buddha statue, held the incense up towards Buddha. Next her lips began to move but I could not hear the words. What was she saying? Later she informed me that there is a chant that one’s says when offering incense but that the chant had gotten lost in the growing development of the temple over the years. I asked her to repeat the chant out loud. I tried desperately to remember it so that it could be written down and preserved. I promptly forgot but later asked her to say the chant again and again.

Incense Offering Verse

Sila ko   (precept incense)

Samadhi ko (Samadhi incense)

Mukata ko (Liberation incense)

Illuminating the clouds of the Dharma realm

Serving innumerable Buddhas in the ten directions,

Perfuming the seeing of the tranquil world.

I knew Zenkei Blanche Hartman as a teacher who has dropped many gems into the pockets of others during her years. Her upcoming book, Seeds for a Boundless Life: Zen Teachings from the Heart (Shambhala Publications, 2015) is just that–a gem. This book is an offering of teachings by Zenkei Blanche Hartman that can lead one to exploring a path of true liberation. She admonishes from the path that when we let go of our habits, old thoughts, and patterns we are relieved of the suffering these things can bring into our every day lives. She goes further to say when we walk without an image of who we “think” we are, we are less likely to encounter suffering. We are more likely to experience the true interrelationship with everything and everyone. A boundless life is living in the open field of life. Zenkei often taught that this open field could be experienced everyday through zazen or Zen practice of meditation. When we sit zazen we can see the tranquil world despite chaos present in and around our lives. The seeds of a boundless life need only be cultivated.


Excerpt from Seeds for a Boundless Life

If you try step-ladder practice, you may realize that it is a mistake. If we do not have some big, warm satisfaction in our practice, then it’s not true practice. Even though you sit trying to have the right posture and counting your breath, it may still be lifeless zazen, because you’re just following instructions; you’re not kind enough with yourself. You think that if you follow the instructions given by some teacher, then you will have good practice. But the purpose of meditation is to encourage you to be kind with yourself. Do not count your breaths just to avoid your thinking but to take the best care you can of your breathing. If you are very kind with your breathing, one breath after another, you will have a refreshed, warm feeling in your zazen. When you have a warm feeling for your body and your breath, then you can take care of your practice, and you will be fully satisfied. When you are very kind with yourself, naturally you will feel like this.


Endorsed by Joan Halifax, Gil Frondsdal, Jack Kornfield, Sojun Mel Weitsman with a foreword by Norman Fischer and an introduction by Linda Ruth Cutts.


Christina Lehnnher, Zenkei and Zenju

Christina Lehnnher, Zenkei and Zenju



Zenkei and Zenju

Zenkei and Zenju


For more about Zenju’s Still Breathing Zen Community please visit their website.

A Boundless Life

The title of this blog comes from the name of Zenkei Roshi’s upcoming book that is due out in August Seeds For a Boundless Life: Zen Teachings from the Heart.  You can now pre-order a copy on Amazon (see the link)  or you can also order and advanced copy from the City Center Bookstore by emailing  Thank you to Zenju Manuel, Blanche’s last dharma heir, for making this book a reality.

VIDEO: Blanche’s Statement for the Mountain Seat

Blanche offered both an audio and video statement to her Deshi Kosho McCall as he became the Abbott of Austin Zen Center.  Below is the video link recorded by Mary Mocine (Abbot of Vallejo Zen Center – Clear Water Zendo) , Daigan Gaither, and Chuck Gould

Mtn Seat Statement


Hello and Welcome


Blanche and Daigan

Daigan and Blanche sometime in 2010 taken by Dana Velden

Let me welcome you to this space dedicated to our friend and teacher, Zenkei Blanche Hartman.  I am Daigan Gaither, a friend of Blanche’s and her family, a resident priest at Zen Center and I am very grateful to get to serve Blanche in this way.  Both  Shosan Victoria Austin and I are responsible for the news you see here.  We will be posting updates as things change, as well as photos, and stories that you have already sent or will send. (Please do send photos and stories, etc.)

You can also leave comments here and I will share those with Blanche.  She continues to read your cards and emails and expresses her deepest gratitude for the love and support.

You can continue to send emails to me and or cards to:

Blanche Hartman
300 Page St
San Francisco, CA 94102



Update 6/10/15

Hello Friends

It seems odd to say that there is nothing new to report, and yet there is nothing new to report.  Blanche is very much conscious, quiet, and has very little energy.  What energy she has is going towards investigating her current circumstance and her experience.  She continues to read your cards and emails and is grateful for the love and support.  Please continue to chant. You can also send emails to me here or cards to Blanche at City Center (Blanche Hartman 300 Page ST, SF, CA 94102).

I will be sure she gets them.

Blanche continues to feel supported by her family, friends, and Zen Center.  She continues to feel safe, comfortable and is not in any pain.

In other news:

A long time student and friend Zenju Earthlyn Manuel has edited together some of Blanche’s teachings and worked with Shambala to publish them in a book form.  You can sign up for email notification at THIS LINK.  Amazon will notify you when you can order it.

This has been in the works for awhile and Zenju has worked diligently to try and get it released as fast as possible due to Blanche’s current condition.

Thank you Zenju

With Deep Bows
And Great Gratitude

Daigan Gaither